Perceptual Processing of 3D data from the Saint-Lô cultural heritage


The T2PSL project has the goal to develop processing methods to resolve common issues raised by the consolidation of 3D colored point clouds obtained from the digitization of objects from our physical environment :

  • restoration
  • simplification
  • annotation

Thes method can be integrated in 3D digital production lines : filtering to eliminate imperfections, completion to recover missing parts (spatial or color), sub-sampling to minimize the size of the point clouds, and annotation to label interesting areas.

Consolidation examples

One of the objective of the T2PSL project is to provide a 3D point cloud databsed to researchers and individuals. Below are some consolidation examples conducted during the project. Click on + to see the image in full resolution.

Saliency detection

3D scan of an ancient house

3D scan simplification

3D scan sharpening

The 3D scans carried out

The digitized models made available are all from the Saint-Lô cultural heritage. To refine the choice of models, select below a filter characterizing the model you are looking for.


Here is the list of all the available models from the T2PSL project.

Click on + to see them in full resolution.

  • All
  • Buildings
  • Human statues
  • Animal statues

The elevator

The Saint-Lô elevator

The dragon

A dragon statue

Chest sculpture

Human chest sculpture

The milkwoman

The milkwoman statue

The unicorn

Unicorn statue, symbol of Saint-Lô

The Team

Here is the team of the GREYC laboratory in Saint-Lô behind the T2PSL project.

Sébastien Bougleux

Associate Professor

Christophe Charrier

Associate Professor

Olivier Lézoray

Full Professor